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"I think the different processes used
      in this course have been excellent
      because the teachers use many
      different learning methods"

    "I have learned many things and I
      have improved my English skills in
      this course.  The on-line teachers
      are great and in the speaking
      classes we get to practice the

    "The partners in my group have the
       same or similar level and that has
       made that the classes are fantastic"

    "The teachers are special people and
       they use English all the time and with
       excellent methodology"

      “This is excellent, because this
       opportunity for me is a wonderful
       experience as I have learned and
       practiced the English language a lot.”

     “Congratulations to the teacher for
       her excellent work and for always
       looking for new strategies to help
       develop our abilities and to stimulate
       our English learning.”

     “The topics in the classroom
       complement the lessons on-
       line.  It is a great course -
       Thank you so much!”

     “This course is excellent because
       I practice listening, reading,
       writing and speaking. The grammar
       is very clear and I have learned a
       lot of vocabulary.  Besides, I have
       been enjoying this course a lot!”

    "With this course I can do my work in
       the school better and I can teach
       English better than before"

     "This program has been for me the
        most important opportunity in my
        life.  Thank You!!"

ASAP Inglés is a Colombian company based in Bogotá, formed in 2008, with the specific mission of offering the most advanced and effective English education methodologies available to allow for an acquisition of English language skills in the most time and cost effective manner possible. 

We offer:
   -  Courses fully aligned with the Common European Framework (CEFR).

   -  Courses based on most modern methodologies

   -  Blended model: Study online - practice in Speaking Immersions.

   -  Awarding of CEFR level certificate upon course completion.

   -  Specializing in programs for English teachers and students.

   -  Most time and cost effective teaching model available today.

Please contact us for more information regarding our programs
Welcome to ASAP Inglés
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